Our very important policies and procedures are...

Please be aware that to maintain a high level of care, Buntings must adhere to strict policies and procedures, a summary of which can be found below. We have worked with Layston School in developing these policies to promote consistency. If you would like to view a full version of our policies then please ask a member of the Buntings team.

Child Protection

Coordinator: Mrs E Edwards

At Buntings we understand that the welfare of a child is paramount. All children have the right to be completely safe from the fear and reality of abuse and neglect. We will follow county guidelines to ensure that children in our care are safe and relate to the guidance ‘Protecting Children from Abuse’ produced by the Hertfordshire Child Protection Committee (May 2003).

All employees will obtain an Enhanced Criminal Record Check (CRB) and no unauthorised persons will have unsupervised access into Buntings or near the children at any time.

Equal Opportunities

Buntings is committed to providing a learning, working and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all are respected. This environment will be free from discrimination, prejudice, intimidation and all forms of harassment including bullying. We acknowledge that, in society, discrimination does occur and if discrimination is encountered it will always be challenged. Any member of staff, parent or child who is being discriminated against will always receive the full support of Buntings Out of School.

All toys, books, displays and language used will reflect and celebrate the diversity of our staff, parents and children, as well as the wider community.

Special Educational Needs

Coordinator: Mrs S Ward

The aims of Buntings is to provide a secure, caring and supportive environment in which all children are valued individually and given equal opportunity to develop their full potential. We will ensure that all children, especially those with special educational needs, have access to the curriculum.

Children with special needs are most likely to have their needs met where the registered person and staff have a secure knowledge and understanding of the individual needs of every child in their care. Our staff work together with parents/carers to organise the environment and plan activities to ensure that all children can take part.


Buntings will always work with children and their families if they ever have any concerns. However, if you wish to make a formal complaint then please contact Ofsted;

Building C
Cumberland Place
Park Row

08456 404040


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