Breakfast club. 7am - 8.50am.

This is such an essential club for all you busy parents. Early starts can be a nightmare with small children, but with our breakfast club, you can drop your children off, in time for a yummy breakfast before they start their day at nursery. Leaving you to get to work on time.

Our breakfast club operates before school offering a range of food and activities for your child to start their day off on the right foot.

Our food is locally sourced and organic where possible and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We offer toast, muffins, cereal, fruit, and yogurt to eat and a range of juices, milk and water to drink.

We support the children’s choices on the activities we provide before school which may include games, crafts, reading, playground time and general socialising with their friends allowing each child to arrive at school settled and ready to begin their academic day.


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