We aim to be the best... this is how...

The Buntings Aim

At Buntings we aim to support parents and carers to train, develop, work or sustain their individual home lifestyles by providing a relaxing and fun environment for their children to be in before and after school as well as during the holidays.

Our Objectives

To be child centred and for activities to be child initiated.

To have a knowledgeable staff team who promote children’s learning and development, diversity, good behaviour and personal ongoing development.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, a green approach to life and to be an active community member.

To have fun!

Our Regulations

To ensure that Buntings Out of School works for everyone we have developed a range of policies and procedures. These are paramount to the safety and enjoyment for all. They can be seen upon request at anytime, so please ask.

All attendance will go through Buntings Out of School. We run separately from the local schools and will need to be informed of absences.

Children need to be signed in and out each day. We will not let children leave our premises in the care of a unauthorised person. Children will be escorted to and from our premises before and after school by our staff.

All adults involved in Buntings Out of School will hold up to date criminal record checks and be first aid trained.


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