Early Years Foundation Stage

The EYFS is a ‘curriculum’ designed for all children under the age of 5 years old. It was introduced for all children in September 2008 by schools, childminders, out of school clubs and nurseries. It is mandatory for childcare settings to provide this.

It is designed to create a positive and consistent approach to your child’s care and will bring together three different guidelines that child care settings were previously using and inspected on.

The EYFS is divided into four themes. These themes are as follows:

A Unique Child:

This theme focuses on a child needing to be self -assured and supported. It includes treating your child as an individual and their own health and well-being.

Positive Relationships:

This theme encourages children to build safe and secure relationships and strongly encourages a parent’s involvement in their child’s care and education.

Enabling Environments:

This theme promotes an environment for your child that provides opportunities for learning and development.

Learning and Development:

The last theme acknowledges that all children learn and develop in different ways and at different times. It encourages play as a vital learning activity.

What does this mean for you and your child?

These themes will feed the planned provision made for your child and will ensure that every child’s needs are met using a holistic approach.

At Buntings, your child will be planned for as an individual and we will provide suitable play and learning experiences to meet their needs. This will always be carried out in a fun and exciting way and integrated into our daily routine, these are usually fun activities for all the children to experience together.

Look, Listen and Note

As we plan and provide for your child, we will be always closely monitoring their needs and development. This is so we can be as supportive as possible to their individual needs.

You, as parents, have the best understanding of your child and we hope that through look, listen and notes, we can share part of what you share with your child.

Your child's day book has always been a place to share experiences and place pictures and notes of your child and we would like to encourage all parents to help Buntings share specific achievements their child makes at home, with us at nursery. The look, listen and note will provide parents with a certain element of their child's play and development to comment on. It will provide a focus area that we hope parents will feel confident in sharing comments and feelings about.


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