It's vital your child settles in well.

We know how difficult it is to leave your child with us for the first time, so we are here to help!

Our priority is to help you and your family feel welcome and relaxed. Our settling in sessions are offered free of charge and arranged with you the parents/carers, please feel welcome to telephone at anytime to see how your child is.

Each child will be provided with their own settling in period and staff will work with parents during this time to ensure that children are settled into the nursery and enjoy their time with us. This period of time also provides the opportunity for staff to familiarise themselves with the child’s routine which we will follow while they are in our care.

The session will always start with the child visiting for a play with a parent or carer and are gently extended over a couple of weeks until the child is attending full sessions. We follow the child's lead on what they need and how they will be best settled.


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