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It is essential to have thorough policies and procedures in place, here are ours...

If you would like to see a full version of the policies then please ask a member of staff who will be happy to supply you with a copy. If you have any questions regarding our policies or procedures then please do not hesitate to contact the manager.

Accidents and illness

Any child who is unwell should not be brought into the nursery and we reserve the right to refuse to accept the child until we are satisfied that they are not infectious. If antibiotics have been prescribed, your child should be kept away from the nursery for 48 hours, first for your child’s comfort and well-being, and second to minimise cross-infection. Furthermore, children should not attend if they have vomited, had diarrhoea or a high temperature within a 48 hour period.

If a child is taken ill or injured, First Aid will be administered and the parents will be advised. All accidents will be recorded in an accident book. Parents will receive a copy of the accident and are asked to sign the nursery copy. If the child required emergency treatment, the nursery reserves the right to take them to hospital, informing parents as soon as possible. Parents must inform staff of any allergies or relevant information including serious medical conditions that your child has experienced. This information will help is care for your child appropriately.


All children’s details and information supplied to the nursery by parents will remain confidential. Written forms will be kept in a locked cabinet and accessed only by management and the individual child’s parents on request.

Health and safety

Buntings staff work as a team to ensure good health and safety practices. It is paramount for every child to be safe in their immediate environment and staff will therefore ensure that the appropriate environment for the children to eat, sleep and play is maintained at all times. Written risk assessments are carried out and followed daily. We promote good health and hygiene practices and always act as good role models to the children.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Buntings Nursery values each child and adult as an individual and encourages all to achieve their full potential. The nursery and its staff will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religious beliefs, language, family background, ethnic origin, special needs, ability or disability.

All toys, books, displays and language used at Buntings will reflect and celebrate the diversity of the nursery group as well as the wider community.

Additional needs

The DFEE Code of Practice definition states that 'A child has special educational needs if they have a learning difficulty, which calls for special educational provision to be made for them. A child has learning difficulties if they have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age.' We aim to ensure that every child has equality of opportunity to develop into a responsible independent learner, in order to attain their full potential.

We also recognise that children who are particularly gifted may have special educational needs, although current legislation does not take account of this. However, we address the needs of these children by providing stimulating, challenging tasks to extend these children and, therefore, meet their needs.

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