Have some questions?

Q: What does professional childcare experience mean?

All babysitters have experience in childcare employment (some of which are already employees of Buntings Nursery) Some will have worked as nannies, nursery nurses and been Ofsted registered childminders.

Q: I’m uncertain about leaving my child with someone they don’t know…

We feel that you will get to know our babysitters after your first time of using us and are sure you will be totally satisfied that your children will be well cared for and looked after. We will only use suitable babysitters at all times and have full trust in them all. Your child/ren will be in experienced hands.

Q: Will my babysitter turn up, what if they don’t arrive?

As we take a booking for you, we will do our best to book a babysitter that you may have requested, in any case if we have taken a booking we guarantee that a babysitter will arrive at the appointed time.



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